Robotic Surgery

Why do we need the Robot?

We know Joint Replacement or knee replacement is a precision based surgery dependent on the mechanical precision. The performance and the longevity of the implant depends on this precision. Human eyes although precise can not distinguish points less than one or two mm apart but this Robot works on sub millimeteric precision.

It allows for simulation and planning and customization of surgery. We know the size and preferred position of the implants before surgery itself.


  1. It gives perfect alignment and placement of the implant

  2. It gives best fit with sub millileteric accuracy

  3. It causes less pain as less sof tissue dissection is needed.

  4. Better alignment increases the performance and survival of the implant.

Robot is an assistant of surgeon and not the surgeon. So surgical expertise and experience is very important.

Two types of Robots are available ACTIVE and passive. CUVIS is an active and automatic Robot.

Dr. Santosh Kumar performing Live Robotic Surgery

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