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Robotic Joint Replacement


Cuvis is an Active robot offering sub-millimeteric precision for joint replacement surgeries. Itís first of its kind in the world.

Presently the robots available can be classified as under

1. Passive Robot- based on x-ray, offers navigation but no pre-operative planning.
2. Semi Active robot. Itís based on CT scan and has a Haptic feedback arm which needs to be guided to the bone. The surgeon needs saw for bone cuts and several key finishing stems like lug holes and box cut which decide the placement of implants have to be done manually. Also it does not allow intera-operative adjustments like re cuts.
3. Active robot. Like the Cuvis is first of its kind in the world. It has an active automatic robotic arm which allows for pre planning, simulation, size and orientation pre operative determination and then fully executes the bone preparation according to plan with zero error. It does all the steps of surgery automatically and surgeon controls the robot with a hand held remote.

How is it better than the conventional surgery?

It allows for full preparation by pre operative planning, simulation of various situations, pre emptive size and position determination of implants. It does not allow for any human error in execution of the plan. The surgical approach is minimally invasive and the bone cuts are very smooth. This minimizes tissue injury, decreases blood loss and decreases post operative pain significantly. Also because of minimal human intervention there is almost no chance of infection.

Safety in ACTIVE ROBOT haptic feedback mechanism and bone movement monitoring systems make the Robot extremely safe as they do real time monitoring and get real time feedback. These safety measures are not available in passive robots.

Are all ROBOTs for joint replacement surgeries same?

No there are differences between Active and Passive robots. Our CUVIS system is fully automatic and active robot.

Advantages of ACTIVE ROBOT:

1. PRE PLANNING. we can plan the whole surgery before the actual surgery. We get to know the size and placement of implants before the actual surgery and we can do simulations to see the results of any alternate placement options. We can see the balancing of the knee before the actual surgery.

2. SUB MILLIMETERIC PRECISION. Human eyes can not distinguish two points closer than a millimeter but the robot can accurately assess measurement till one tenth of a millimeters.

3. Customized alignment. As we know the knees get bent because of this arthritis in two planes and this leads to instability and buckling. In knee replacement the implants are aligned in such a manner that the weight bearing axis is restored and hip knee and ankle come in one line. This is achieved with ultra high precision in active robotic knee replacement. This restores the stability of walking.

4. Zero human and manual errors Ė by its real time monitoring and feedback mechanisms, there are no human errors and no possibility of play of the manual instrument.

5. Accelerated recovery....because of its minimally invasive approach, smooth bone cuts, customized placement of implants, less blood loss and less pain, the recovery is accelerated.

We have started the Active automatic robotic joint replacement unit at Belle Vue Clinic under the leadership of Dr Santosh Kumar who had been instrumental in introducing the Orthopilot Navigation system earlier in 2013. Our team along with Dr Santosh Kumar consists of other four Orthopaedic Surgeons who work together as the robotic joint replacement team. They include Dr Devasis Sarangi, Dr Vivek David, Dr Deep Chakraborty & Dr Vivekananda Kumar. Whole team under the guidance and encouragement of our CEO Mr Pradip Tondon has been doing magnificent work in Robotic joint replacement.

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